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Increase Fuel Mileage and Reduce Emissions!

"I have been using Green Fuel Tabs in both my SUV and my mid size sedan for about a year. My SUV has gotten an 18% mileage improvement, and definitely feels a power improvement, especially since it is a bit older and now runs a lot smoother. It also just passed its smog test and its emissions have dropped off to almost nothing. "

L.L. - Anaheim, CA

Fueling a Cleaner Environment.

Lowering emission and providing a cleaner environment.

icon1Green Fuel Tabs and Truck Fuel Tabs help your fuel burn more efficiently and completely and are a true green fuel technology. They are one of the best MPG product lines available that reduce toxic emissions at the same time. Here's how:

The active ingredients are multi-functional combustion catalysts that include fuel surface modifiers and deposit surface modifiers. They fundamentally change a fuel's ability to combust at the molecular level. Here is a very basic explanation of how our technology works. Learn More

Increasing Mileage has Never Been Easier!

Increase gas mileage with our proven Green Fuel Tabs.


Everyone around the world is tired of watching gas prices inch up day by day. Most car owners are driving less than they used to and many people are opting to take public transportation. The high price of gas is really affecting the average person’s lifestyle as they have to decide whether to drive or to eat.

High gas prices have a ripple effect as well. The higher the price goes, the higher the price of any other items that need to be delivered go as well. Airfares have skyrocketed with the high price of fuel and the automobile manufacturers are seeing a huge drop off in new car purchases.

Corporate Synergy

LEGACY MAX is committed to creating a culture of "CORPORATE SYNERGY" by finding the correct balance between the "needs of the customer", "needs of the field", and the "needs of the corporation" realizing that one does not trump the other.

Commitment To Excellence

The commitment to EXCELLENCE is a very important "guiding principle". Those who demonstrate that they are the most committed to EXCELLENCE at Legacy Max will be recognized and rewarded through its monthly Legacy Max "Excellence In Action" awards program.

Honesty and Integrity

HONESTY and INTEGRITY are essential to our long term success. Legacy Max's success will ultimately not just be measured by the "bottom line", but by the respect, credibility, and trust we earn from our Customers, Representatives, Staff, and Vendors.

green fuel tabs

green fuel tabs

green fuel tabs

green fuel tabs

green fuel tabs

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